Pascale x James

Sustainably crafted by hand in London using only recycled and Fairtrade solid precious metals, Antonia Pascale and Christopher James release their debut jewellery collections:


‘Orogenesis' & ‘The Architect'


Two collections of unisex pieces, designed simultaneously and in parallel. The collections convey the disparate environments in which the designers dwelled when they met - Christopher by the ocean in the Bahamas and Antonia in an architectural cityscape in the heart of London.


Through their contrasting influences, Antonia and Christopher sought to explore the diversity of our social and physical world with a shared commitment to environmental sustainability. The result is a yin and yang concept of contrasting inspirations - from organic and undeveloped horizons to metropolitan and industrialised cityscapes. 


Combining expert craftsmanship with core principles of honesty and integrity, Pascale x James is created for the modern individual.

Studio 1
2 Butcher Row
London E14 8DS

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Antonia Ash
Tel: +44 (0) 71 1371 1371
Mobile: + (0) 7487 531371

Press Contact

Nabila Virani
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