AEVHA London

AEVHA London
Established in 2013, AEVHA is a luxury handbag brand conceptualised and designed in London and made in Italy. Recognisable by its inimitable hardwares and structural aesthetic, AEVHA channels London’s creative aesthetic, always making a design statement, whilst simultaneously balancing this with an element of timeless elegance. AEVHA London’s DNA incorporates two definitive elements: the use of unique, distinctive hardwares and the modernisation of classic shapes. This combination of historic inspiration and arresting design details work to create collections with an instant sense of heritage that will never be relegated to a passing trend or aesthetic, affording the label wide-ranging appeal to a large demographic of stylish women, from early twenties to late fifties.
Designer, Alice Horlick, launched her eponymous label AEVHA London, Alice Emma Victoria Horlick Accessories London, in September 2013, having studied a foundation degree and subsequently embarked upon a Bachelor of Arts in Womenswear at the London College of Fashion. Her passion for working with fine leathers, inspired by the use of the medium in one of her first projects, and her constructive design style, made her move into accessories a natural progression. She dedicated the subsequent two years to seeking out the finest Italian tanneries and manufacturers. Alice is involved in every stage of the design process from pattern cutting and modelling work to the development of her signature bespoke accessories in marble-effect resin and reclaimed rosewood. 

58 Glentham Road
London SW13 9JJ

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Tania Majzels
Tel: +33 (0) 68 771 9872

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Storm O'Brien
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