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People Tree
Tracy Mulligan is an award winning fashion designer. She is currently Head of Design for People Tree. Tracy is no newcomer to London Fashion Week. She started her own luxury womenswear label, Sonnetag Tracy, in 1991, straight out of Central Saint Martin’s, where she studied Fashion and Textiles, and quickly became one of the first London Fashion Week New Generation designers, nominated four times.

Tracy’s history holds an impressive collection of achievements. These are fuelled by her genuine love for designing all day – everyday, on paper or in her imagination, rewarded by overseeing her ideas become a real product.

Tracy joined People Tree, winner of the Guardian Sustainable Business Award 2012, in 2008, and is proud to bring her timeless urban style to a brand dedicated to Fair Trade and sustainable fashion. Prior to People Tree, Tracy was Creative Director at Xterity London, 2006- 2008, where she won X factor 2007 Designer Award. Tracy created her own brand Mulligan, 1997, with stockists including Harvey Nichols, Liberty, Matches, Collette Paris, Barneys, Isetan, Baycrews and Isetan. She has wide-ranging design, management, and consultancy experience with internationally renowned brands. Tracy’s People Tree designs are frequently featured in leading UK and European press.

Tracy’s much anticipated latest creation SS14 Atelier Collection will showcase at Esthetica, during London Fashion Week September 2013.

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