Le Gramme (Men's)

Le Gramme (Men's)
Le Gramme, a new brand dedicated to men launches its first collection, Le Gramme reveals a first line of contemporary and minimalist jewellery.
Le Gramme was born from a glorious encounter; that of Adrien Messié and Erwan Le Louër. Adrien Messié‘s career started off at Andrée Putman, where he was entrusted as Publishing and Editing Manager. After seven years spent beside the “papesse of design”, he took up Events Management through the organisation of famous Parisian evenings such as “ Le Cirque Bonheur” and more recently “ Construction” at the Palais de Tokyo.
Worn by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and trained as a designer, Erwan Le Louër launched an ethical jewellery company in 2009, JEM – Jewellery Ethically Minded. Swayed by creativity, materials and innovation, the work of art is at the heart of his reasoning.
From their passion for objects, materials and their common desire to confront themselves to the masculine universe is born Le Gramme, a new brand dedicated to men. Le Gramme reveals a first line of contemporary and minimalist jewellery. A line made out of 925 recycled sterling silver. A unique design in the form of minimalist ribbons of silver playing with scales, the first collection comes in 3 sizes/6 widths/6 basis weights.
Each bracelet is named after its density:
Le 7g; Le 15g; Le 21g; Le 27g; Le 33g and Le 41g and is engraved with a unique batch number.
The models are offered in three different sizes: S, M and L.
Made out of 925 recycled silver, the creations are numbered and laminated by French Craftsmen.

Le Gramme is part of Touba London Showroom

Rue du Sentier
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