Joanne Stoker

Joanne Stoker
DESIGNER NAME: Joanne Stoker

BACKGROUND: Joanne is from Newcastle-upon-Tyne and graduated from Cordwainers with a Masters in Footwear in 2009. She studied for her BA in Fashion and Textile Design at Northumbria University. Before founding her shoe label, Joanne trained with Paul Thomas as a bespoke shoe designer, handcrafting footwear. She also has experience as an architectural model maker for MJL Construction and Engineering, as well as work in London and New York as a surface textile designer in embroidery, print and embellishment.

SIGNATURES: “Art Deco architecture has always been a big influence on my work but my research always draws on something new too, mainly through a series of photographs taken on my travels. Jewellery and metal also work to influence my designs, especially in the development of new heel shapes.”

TRADEMARK PIECE: "The clasp heel."

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