The North Circular

Katherine Poulton
The North Circular launched at London Fashion week 2009. Rapidly amassing an impressive portfolio of international stockists and press from Vogue to I-D, winning British Fashion Council awards and RSPCA good business awards. Founders Katherine Poulton and Lily Cole are both veterans in the fashion industry having started their modelling careers aged just 14.Their passion for finding new ways of seeing the world, led them to believe in the future of the oldest methods of production.

''We wanted to return value to the hand made product, personalise the process of production, rekindle the relationship between the producer and the purchaser - knitter and scarf wearer, practically and digitally.We were both blessed with talented knitting grandmothers,so we grew up knowing the value of things made with love."

The collection is contemporary. Juxtaposing luxury knitwear with cottage industry style production to create bespoke knits. Each piece tells it's story. Knits come complete with a 'purl of wisdom' from your artisan knitter and are traceable back to the cycle the yarn took around the UK after the fleece was shorn.

We believe in sustainable natural fibres and scour for the finest yarns of the UK which are then dyed to GOT standards. The production cycle also helped to seal our choice of name, as the wool passes through a 120 mile 'North Circular' route from field to scourer, spinner to dyer, on to knitter.

We don't use big machines to produce, we use hand knitting by talented grandmothers, girls and a few strong men!''

88-90 Baker Street
London W1U6TQ

Sales Contact

Emma Bishopp
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7739 3917

Press Contact

Patrick O'Neill
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